Photophobia Treatment

Currently there are no medications to treat photophobia , but symptoms can be treated, and most importantly, it is advisable to treat 0a64b0c891f9c13de172a2aa_1920the causes of the light sensitivity.  For example, if the condition is dry eyes then this is the area which should be treated aggressively. However not all photophobia conditions can be treated such as macula degeneration.


The best advisable treatment is to use tinted eyewear which can filter light wavelengths. Tints come with different colors and the color depends with the user of the tints. Two people with the same eye condition can choose to wear different tints. For people suffering from cataract and similar conditions need tints with filters that will block short wavelengths preferably amber and yellow filters work well in such conditions.


The MRC Intuitive colorimeter is a special instrument which is used to determine the king of color filter that suits an individual in accordance with their specific condition.  The use of specialty sunglasses can help the eyes cope by filtering the light waves. Sunglasses improve the sensitivity to light, and without them, a person with Photophobia, may experience the same feeling that you have when you leave the movie theater and find its sunny outside.


More tips on coping with Photophobia:


  • Keep away from the dark such as dark rooms or dark windows.
  • Slowly by slowly increase the light around you and your environment and get used to tolerate the light.
  • Adequate sleep is very important.
  • Treat symptoms such as anxiety and depression to prevent worsening the condition.


FL-41 filters the light waves thus improving light sensitivity. It is believed to block the green and blue colors which cause problems to people with photophobia condition. The filter can be put on regular plastic lens.

Consider using indoor Theraspecs which have a light tint but they filter light wavelengths including fluorescent lighting. Outdoor Theraspecs are darker to handle dark sunlight wave lengths which can be painful.