Coping With Photophobia





More helpful tips:  Limit light entering the eye by shielding eyes with a hat or hand to cut down on glare.

Choose sunglasses which protect the eyes from UV rays which are harmful. To be on the safe side it would be advisable to look for lens which protect against UVB and UVA light. Some sunglasses are made with light activation characteristics which make them to get darker when in very bright light. There are polarized lenses which cut off light from reflections such as reflection from flat surface like water or a car bonnet.


Use solar sunglasses which are also known as wrap around or UV shields are usually larger. They are made in way that light does not get in through the sides, above or below. These lenses come in different colors and can be worn over spectacles.  Consult a low vision specialist who can advise on how to cope with glare.

It is advisable to wear or remove sunglasses when you are moving between different lighting levels such as moving from sun light into a room.  Use adjustable light which can be increased or reduced to fit the task you want to accomplish. To reduce glare direct the light to the task being accomplished.